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Aroma Therapy CIDESCO


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Definition, developments and history of aromatherapy – Including uses, benefits and how Aromatherapy can aid wellbeing and health, Understand terminology of essential oil, Countries of origin for Essential Oils, Sources of essential oils: originate from various parts of plants, Botanical names (refers to list of oils), Definition of an Absolute, Methods of extraction, Toxicity of essential oil dosage and safety of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy, Storage and care of oils, Properties of essential oils ,Basic Chemistry of Essential Oils to include, Base oils and Carrier oils, Properties and suitability to different skin types and areas of body/face, Psychological and physiological effects of Aromatherapy in use of Essential Oils including terminology :Understanding the absorption of Essential Oils – Essential Oil Pathways, Contra-indications to Aromatherapy treatment, Allergy prone considerations, Blending of Essential Oils, percentages and synergies, In-depth consulting and identification of sensitivity or skin reaction, diet, exercise and relaxation, First Aid in clinic practice , Essential Oils in Aromatherapy use, Anatomy and Physiology, Application skills, Safety Measures while doing treatment, Client Consultation ,Aromatherapy Practical Treatment


What is International Lee's Beauty and Spa Institute's accreditation?

International Lee’s Beauty and Spa Institute is India’s leading beauty school accredited by CIDESCO, CIBTAC, B&WSSC, & ABTC. We are also affiliated with ABTC, B&WSSC, and CIBTAC.

What does a student get by successfully completing a course?

Any student who successfully completes the course will get a certificate from Lee’s Beauty and Spa Institute as well as the affiliated institutes as per the course.

What are the career opportunities after completion of these courses?

We provide job opportunities to our students with the help of our placement department. There are numerous job opportunities in the beauty industry as well as students can start their own business with the knowledge and experience gained by the courses.

Is the hostel facility available?

We have a hostel in Pune on chargeable basis only for ladies

Is the loan facility available?

Yes, we provide loan assistance.* T&C Apply

Do you provide products and the kits for practicals?

Yes, Kits and the products provided will be on chargeable basis.

Do you provide installment facility?

Yes, we provide installment facility as per the course duration.

Do you provide notes?

We provide our own designed books written on beauty, body, hair and makeup syllabus.