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1440 HOURS

Minimum qualifications: 12th Pass

Course content:

Natural Sciences – Chemistry and Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Hygiene and First Aid, Skin Dermatology, Hair and Nail, Pathology Lab visit, Aesthetic Treatments (Beauty and Body) – practical and theory as per syllabus, Basic Physiotherapy Treatments, Nutrition –Diet, Cosmetic Products – Cosmetic Science (basic), Cosmetic Surgery (basic general knowledge), Professional Ethics, Client Interaction Sessions, Additional / Specialized subjects (practical and theory), Commercial Studies – Business Studies – Management, Client Interaction sessions, 50 case study’s  (case studies on different skin types and body types), Yoga(Importance of Yoga, Regular Yoga Exercise), Meditation(Importance of Meditation and Practice).

This course offers you International Standard Course with certification. This course contains all advance Beauty and Body treatments, Commercial and Business Studies and Yoga Sessions. It is a complete Beauty & Body course you may go through.

Career Opportunities: Beauty Therapist, Body Therapist, Dermatology Assistant, Consultant in Gym and Health Care Center, Can start Own Salon.

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